September 2021, vol 15

Kwai Everyone

Welcome to the 15th issue of the Ko’asek Tribal Tidbits!  Today’s exciting segments are by  tribal members:  Chief Paul, Elder Patrick, Mary Doonan, and Michael Byers. Thank you for your fantastic contributions!  

Quotes, thoughts and news:

Today’s quote for April is from “365 Days of Walking the Red Road” by Terri Jean (Thank you Chief and Elder Paul):

5 Sept. is in Remembrance of Crazy Horse, who died on this day 1877, at Fort Robinson, Nebraska. (from Red Road)

Abenaki Beliefs: From Some Abenaki Quotes. “The Abenaki also believe that there are some people who live between the animal world and the human world, never fully belonging to either one. — Jodi Picoult”

Did You Know:

Submitted by Juliana.

What did the Abenaki Indians use for baby carriers?

Abenaki babies, like many Native Americans, rode in baby carriers called cradleboards on their mothers’ backs-a custom many American families have adopted now. What were men’s and women’s roles in the Abenaki Tribe?

Tribal News!

Celebration of Equinox Day on 25 Sept. 2021 (SaturdayNoon to 4 PM, Location: 252 Elm St., Claremont, NH on Koasek Land. The Ko’asek (Co’wasuck) Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation is having an outside ceremony honoring Fall. Bring a chair and drink and food to share. PLEASE RSVP to

Good news on our tribal land driveway:  We and our neighbor has agreed to cut the two trees down that blocks our driveway. One tree is dead and is a danger already. Our tribal member, Ronnie Demers, a tree arborists will travel up from Massachusetts to bring both trees down. We that him so very much. After getting DPW approval, then we can clear and rock in the driveway; our first construction job to developing our tribal center. 

Homeschooling Project. Chief Paul will be scheduling a Committee meeting to give an update and discuss other ideas for videos.  that can be done.  Please contact Chief Paul to be added to the Committee.  There are many who have great talents!  We are looking for beading skills to produce a children’s video, as well as other skills.  Come share your talents!

New Committee.   Thank you Michael Byers for suggestiing and passing a motion for a new committee for the lost indigenous children.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to share and research.  Contact Chief Paul to be added to the group.  There will be meetings set up for this committee.

Ko’asek Website.   Thank you Theresa Styles!  Our website is up and running.  Theresa is requesting pictures of your garden for a theme for our website.  Please email to Chief Paul and copy Theresa.  Let’s see your pictures!

How are we doing.   Our tribe praying has a powerful impact on all of us and beyond. We hold these prayers for our tribal family.  We’ve many members affected by Hurricane Ida.  Our tribe has held them in prayer for safety.  We are grateful for those who are able to check in and let us know they are safe. 

Everyone stay safe and heal. Holding you all in light. Gigi Bermosa Spiwi-Walks with the Earth

Classes and Facebook Page News

Ko’asek Drumming:  From Daniel Duhaime, ” Kwai Kwai nnidoba , hello friends and relatives.Song and drum class  loads of fun and learning many new songs. Learn to sing the songs and heal our mother earth .we discuss many words ,and origins and the beat of the shakers and the drum, so come and enjoy each others company and sing to the creator as a way of thanks  Too All Our Relations the earth air Fire ,water n Plants an animals Taho !”

Please email Chief Paul and a Zoom link will be sent.  We meet every Sunday at 1pm EST except on the Sunday of the Tribal Council meeting.  We hope to see you!

Members of Ko’asek (Co’wasuck) Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation Facebook Page: 

No new updates. To our new tribal members, welcome!  Please email Chief Paul to be added to the Facebook page. 
We have added a couple of new members to our Tribal Facebook paged created by Candy Conner!  If you are on Facebook, come join the page.  Cheif Paul can send you an invitation.  If you are friends with the Admin. wecan send one as well.  Admins are:  Candy Conner, Chief Paul, GiGi Brakeville (GiGi Dan on Facebookj) and Steven Wright.  

What’s on our Tribal Facebook page? Everything!  From Native American history, to current news on tribes.  We also have members posting what they do for hobbies etc. We also have our DNA project that is only for tribal members.

We have our DNA project up and running! Thank you Candy Conner for getting this all started!  We continue to add more GEDMATCH kit numbers to the Tribal DNA Project.  See who you are related to in the tribe and discuss genealogy!  Please remember it is private.  No kits may be shared outside the group.  For more information, please contact Candy Conner, Steven Wright or GiGi Brakeville (GiGi Dan on Facebook).

The Ko’asek Chatter House genealogy chat room 

Here’s an update from Steven – Agma Nosok 8wdi on what’s new in The Chatter House genealogy chat group:

“How does your garden grow?” And, “What jobs have you had over the years?”Are just some of the topics lately discussed at the Chatter House. Come over and tell us what you grew, and maybe some about the hats you wore/wear too?”

Today’s Bio features tribal member Elder Patrick Michaud! Thank you Elder Patrick

Elder Patrick Michaud


“I was born in New Brunswick, Canada. My parents were from Madawaska County in Northwestern New Brunswick where the peoples from Quebec and New Brunswick have Merged since the founding of that territory. I am descended from the Acadians who fled North from the encroaching Loyalists after the expulsion of the Acadians from Nova Scotia and Southern New Brunswick.  I became a member of our current Tribe after the split between Chief Paul and Chief Nathan Pero. Chief Nathan wanted me to remain with him but I chose  to follow Chief Paul. I was accepted as a Tribal Elder shortly after the split. I enjoy researching genealogy for friends and relatives since I retired from the U.S. Postal Service in 2004.Since leaving Canada in 1966 I have lived in Southeastern Connecticut. I served in the U.S. Army in the late 1960’s and am very proud that I became a U.S. citizen after my service. I had the good fortune to meet Eleanor my wife when I was 58 “Elder Patrick Michaud

The Herbalist Corner-Mary H.

Traditional Herbalism. 

Apache Tear

Common mullein Verbascum thapsus, is a medicinal plant, a tea made from its leaves is used as a cold remedy by Native American still practicing their traditional medicine and its roots and flowers can be used to treat earaches and croup. Leaves can also be used as a poultice to soothe sunburns and other skin irritations.

Pictures of the Mullein Verbascum Ihapsus

Native Americans used the velvety leaves of this plant as moccasin liners to prevent cold, retaining heat, antibacterial wicking perspiration!

*Always confer with your medical Doctor first before using traditional Herbalism and if it is right for your constitution.

Mary H Doonan, Herbalist 

Abenaki History:  The Creation Story, Part II. Artwork by Michael Byers

Gici Niwaskw told Tolba, that he would put the land on his back and he must keep it above the sea. This is why the Abenaki know that they and everyone live on “Turtle Island”.

Niwaskw then fell into a deep sleep and began to dream

Gici Niwaskw dreamed of a mountain “Kinadena”, water “Nebi”, and the tree “Abazi”.

The Abenaki story of Creation will be continued in the next issue!

Please email submissions by the 15th of each month for publishing.  Also articles need to be between 100 and 120 words with 1 to 2 pictures.  Quotes, pieces of history, bios, recipes and everything is welcome! 

Please email submissions to:  snoopy8u@yahoo.comOlwini,GiGiBemosa Spiwi – Walks with the Earth

Have you seen our new website?

Our next Meeting is Sunday September 19, 2021 at 1pm (Eastern Time).  Come share your thoughts and ideas!!

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