Chief Paul and War Chief David Nepveu attended the Community Ascensions Clubs Cliff Climbing Club on 11 Sept. 2021 at 9 AM in Marlo, NH where we were asked to do a blessing to our ancestors there giving the club permission to come onto Abenaki Lan. Bill Fogel of Western Mass greeted us and we met over 25 members from all over New England. David drummed as Paul smudged and blessed the event. It was quite the hike up the side of the hill…lol. We had many questions and a good discussion on Abenaki subjects.

Community Ascension Statement on Blessing

It is with gratitude and humility that we acknowledge that we are learning, speaking and gathering on the ancestral homelands of the Ko’asek who are the indigenous peoples of this land. Despite tremendous hardships, today their community based in New Hampshire is thriving. We pay honor and respect to their ancestors past and present as we commit to building a more inclusive and equitable space for all.

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  1. A true gift to be a part of. Thank you for you generosity!

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