Koasek Bereavement Assistance Fund

“Koasek Bereavement Assistance Fund” for Covid deaths.

Yearly payout budget limit of a total $400 for this fund, but each benefit amount can be examined on an individual case, judging on the number of cases. Each case will be approved by both councils and donors, and who will be the new committee for this assistance. Fund numbers will be reported at each council meeting. This fund will run as long as there is funding.

After Covid ends, committee will determine to continue this program for all Koasek member deaths.

There is also a national support link here to assists in any added help. Example: FEMA Covid burial assistance. https://www.fema.gov/disaster/coronavirus/economic/funeral-assistance#policy

Thank you for donating to this fund.

Fund Drive

A Fund Drive for Changing our Land Status from non-develop Forest land to non-profit tax-free land for all 11.37 acers. A one-time tax bill will be $4080 to place any fixed structures on it. Your support in this next phase of our preserve is important. Thank you for donating.

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