The Three Sisters Garden

Who are the three sisters? They are not people at all… To Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands, the term “Three Sisters” refers to corn, beans, and squash, known for their compatibility and the way they complement and help each other as they grow, a kind of cooperation between vegetables and fruit.

This form of gardening is also called companion planting. Modern-day agriculturists know it as the genius of the Indians, who interplanted pole beans and squash with corn, using the strength of the sturdy corn stalks to support the twining beans and the shade of the spreading squash vines to trap moisture for the growing crop. Research further revealed the additional benefits of this companion planting. The bacterial colonies on the bean roots capture nitrogen from the air, some of which is released into the soil to nourish the high nitrogen needs of the corn.

GiGi’s Garden

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Blueberries, Elderberries, Sage, Lemon, Huckleberries…etc.

Daniel Duhaime’s Garden

Garden blessings of a good harvest to all

Donna & Gary Lessard’s Garden

The last photo includes a totem pole Gary carved last winter. It sits in our front yard.
I hope you enjoy them.

Planting With A Purpose!

If you have a garden and would love to share your pictures please reach out to Chief Paul

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