Saturday was a wonderful day with 37 attending. Our Koasek members were increased to a very honorable attendance. It was great for the first time to hug Gary & Donna Lessard, and having a past Elder Theresa Olsen and her family (first time since 9 years), and some new members who came. Our Community Village friends showed up with approx 12, who brought a Buffalo stew, and our Quaker friends came with corn bread made with our Abenaki corn.  The E-Ticker Claremont News was there for photos and an article. Our good friend and supporter, Lionel Chute was awarded a beaded neck piece made by Dan Duhaime for all that he is doing for us. And Ben Nelson of the Claremont Spice Shop gifted us with Abenaki corn he just harvested. There were around 10 small children who took part in our Abenaki ball game and all of them won a gift of their choice. The Abenaki corn husk dolls went in a second.

Ronnie Demers came up a few days before with his crew and tree cutting equipment and took down the trees blocking our driveway. Their 3.5 hour drive up and returning to Marion Mass was greatly appreciated and their donation and time will always be honored. Oliwni.
Zane White came up around the same time and mowed the driveway, and ceremony areas and did a wonderful job. He plans to return and look over the stumps that still may block the driveway and will remove some later. His generous work and friendship came with a big surprise when he told me his bill for mowing was on him. His kindness along with everyone else takes my breath away.Our Dan Duhaime was there during the mowing and he cut up the down tree that fell during our last storm. Thank you Dan so very much. He drove 3 hours drown from Northern New Hampshire to do this.

And lastly, This event could not have happened without all the hard work from War Chief David Nepveu who bought orange traffic cones and directed cars safely in and out of our driveway. He traveled many miles up and down Vermont doing all kinds of Koasek errands. And Dan Duhaime who set up our ceremony area, cut firewood, and just worked his butt off. And a big thank you from Gary Lessard who became our fire watcher and kept it going. He and Donna traveled from the coast but live in New York State. Lots of travel with love.
Besides all of our song and ceremonies, we also honored the anniversary of us receiving our land one year ago that very day from the Bascom/Kennedy family. We ended the day of sharing with a walk down to our sacred Cedar tree where we left food for our ancestors to feast on.
We look forward to gathering again next 25 Sept 2022, but there will be other meetings here in between.

Thank you everyone.
A’ho, Chief Paul

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