Month: May 2021


Class Two: Regalia of the Woodlands-Chief Hats

The same welcome and ceremony as Class 1. Then chief Paul displays his two chief’s hats and explains them. He then shows photos of the western style bonnets and explains them.
Then the class ends with questions and answers.


Class One:Introduction

First Class-Introduction by Chief Paul
Koasek-Abenaki Home School
Kwai (Welcome) – By Chief Paul “Gwilawato” Bunnell (with Chiefs Hat)
Short Smudging Ceremony – Explain during
Who we are – We are the Abenaki, Peoples of the Dawnland. Traditional homeland is New England and Eastern Canada. We are part of the Woodland tribes and the Wabanaki Confederacy. Our Ancestors go back over 50,000 years and more.


Ko’asek Tribal Tidbit #11

Welcome to the 11th issue of the Ko’asek Tribal Tidbits!  Today’s exciting segments are by  tribal members:  Chief Paul,  Angel Littlecrow, Steven Wright, and a recipe I