Handcrafted by Howling Wolf, Bead and Leather Art Work

Daniel Duhaime North Stratford, NH 603-922-5101 Customer Order & Repair Classes also available Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daniel.duhaime.79/photos_all

Bole Baskets For Sale

Here are two baskets made by the Boles Family. As you know Mike Boles, husband/father just passed away. They are in need for the expense. These beautiful baskets were made by Megan Boles. Interested in purchasing please email: vhawknwds@gmail.com

  • Oval-20 1/2″ circum- 6″ tall: $275
  • Round 17″ circum.- 7″ tall: $300

First Nation Cooking

Welcome to my cookbook. This book contains Native American recipes, hunter’s recipes and a few Appalachian recipes. I also placed in a few recipes that are more modern but tried to use ingredients that were around two hundred years ago. First Nation Cookbook is not just a cookbook; there is a section using herbs and spices for medicinal teas and I used WebMD to explain any type of problem that could arise. There is a blurb, not my authorship, about the Abenaki Indians and a couple of our legends. find on amazon

Our New Abenaki Nation Sticker Now Available

Our Ko’asek Abenaki Nation sticker is now and available, cost is $3.00, you can order by contacting Chief Paul @bunnellloyalist@aol.com

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