October 2020

Kwai everyone!

Welcome to the 4th issue of the Ko’asek Tribal Tidbits! Today’s exciting segment is on Sage!

Today’s quote for October is from “365 Days of Walking the Red Road” by Terri Jean (Thank you Chief Paul):

“Too many have strayed from the path shown to us by the Great Spirit” By Sequichie Grandfather
In Remembrance Of Tecumseh, the great Shawnee tribal leader, who worked to forge an alliance among Native Americans to fight for land and basic rights of their people.

He died 5 October 1813, in battle with U.S. Forces against the British.

What is Smudge?

Smudge is a traditional ceremony used for: purification, cleansing, praying ceremonies and healing rituals. It has been used for centuries to create harmony and peace.

What is used:  Smudging rituals can include herbs such as Indian tobacco, sweetgrass, sage and cedar burned in an abalone shell or clay bowl  This sacred smoke is directed by using a fan, feathers or hand.   

These herbs can be used in loose form or in a bundle.  Sage sticks and sweet grass braids can be made or purchased also.  

Interesting fact:  The abalone shell represents water.  – ocean water

Smudging ceremonies are performed with a good heart and set intentions This brings in the good energy/spirits to help all.  

If you decide to smudge in your home to remove negative energies, please be sure to open windows as the smoke carries out the negative energy plus it’s good ventilation!


Abenaki Culture: Hair and Marriage

Traditionally, Abenaki men kept their hair long and loose.  When a man would find a girlfriend he would tie his hair.  When he married, he would attach the hair of the scalp with a piece of leather and shave all but the ponytail.  The modernized spiritual version has the man with a girlfriend tying his hair and braiding it.  When he marries, he keeps all his hair in a braid shaving only the side and back of the head. The spiritual meaning surrounding this cut is most importantly to indicate betrothal or fidelity as a married Abenaki man

Abenaki facts for kids

Bemosa Spiwi – Walks with the earth

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