September 2020

Kwai everyone!

Welcome to the third issue of the Ko’asek Tribal Tidbits! Thank you to tribal member Bridgette Hocke-Hendry for her suggestion on a segment on our tribal members. I will be featuring this often.

September’s quote is from “365 Days of Walking the Red Road” by Terri Jean (Thank you Chief Paul
September 5, 1877

Crazy Horse who died this day at Fort Robinson, Nebraska

1621 March 16

Samoset, a Pemaquid Sachem from Maine hunting in Massachusetts, walked into the Plymouth colony and greets them in perfect English with “Hello Englishmen.”

(from Abenaki-Wabanaki Timeline, compiled by Chief Paul “Gwilawato” Bunnell)

Daniel Duhaime

I had the pleasure of interviewing tribal member Daniel Duhaime. He is very talented and knowledgeable.  I asked him about his crafts and this was his response:

“In the early 80s, I went  to Tandy leather and found a craft book called “Native American Crafts”, so I proceeded to make my first belt, which to this day I still have.  A couple years later with some friends who were engraving designs and striking them  in silver, I started my career in silver work and beading earrings and necklaces with semi precious stones.  

I came up with the name of this business which I called Ancient Circles. The owners took my work to San Francisco and L.A Renaissance fairs and made a lot. I did this for 5 years. I really began doing more traditional beadwork and leatherwork and have been at it all these years.”

Thank you Daniel!  Such beautiful work you create! 

Facts For Kids

What other Native Americans did the Abenaki tribe interact with?

The Abenaki traded regularly with all the other New England Indians, and they often fought with the powerful Iroquois. But their most important neighbors were the PenobscotsPassamaquoddiesMaliseets, and Micmacs. These five tribes formed an alliance called the Wabanaki Confederacy. Before this alliance, the Abenaki were not always friends with these tribes–in fact, they sometimes fought wars against each other. But once they joined the Confederacy, the Wabanaki tribes never fought each other again. They are still allies today.

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