November 2020

Kwai everyone!

Welcome to the 5th issue of the Ko’asek Tribal Tidbits! Today’s exciting segment features one of our Tribal members.  Also, November is Native American Heritage Month:

Saying (Thank you Chief Paul)“My heart laughs with joy because I am in your presence”by Chitmachas Chief

Today’s quote for November is from “365 Days of Walking the Red Road” by Terri Jean (Thank you Chief Paul):

On 1 Nov. 1972: Hundreds of Indian activists banded together in protest at  the Sioux Rosebud Reservation

Donna Lightly, new member

I am a new Ko’asek member, Wife, mother of 3 married children, Grandmother of 3 and second cousin to Elder Dan & Jan Free Spirit Osgood. My favorite interests are organic gardening & permaculture, wildlife photography, rustic camping, mushroom hunting and I’m a musician who plays and teaches the guitar and flute. I have a love for wildlife, water, nature, spirituality and simple living. I am fascinated in learning about the Abenaki ways.My dad, Donald Nault, recalls when he was a boy his relatives, a group of Abenaki people, came down from Canada to northeast Vermont into the town of Barton; they set up teepees in the back pasture while visiting. This came to an end when authorities moved them off the land never to return – not safe

Thank you, Donna and Welcome!

Abenaki Culture: Who are the Abenaki?

The Abenaki are a Native American tribe and First Nation. They are one of the Algonquian-speaking peoples of northeastern North America. The Abenaki originated in a region called Wabanahkik in the Eastern Algonquian languages, a territory now including parts of Quebec and the Maritimes of Canada and northern sections of the New England region of the United States. The Abenaki are one of the five members of the Wabanaki Confederacy.

Credit:  Wikipedia

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Bemosa Spiwi – Walks with the earth

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