It was a beautiful day at Keene Middle School Abenaki Dig Site Blessing Tenant Swamp Site-13,000 Years Old. 167 Maple Avenue, Keene, NH 03431

Koasek Abenaki Smudge & Blessing. 1 Sept 2022 at 4:30pm

Professor of anthropology at Franklin Pierce University who performed the dig here and reported details on this site and others in the mentioned book. It was released last October and we have already gone through 2 copies.

Smudging and blessing of our Abenaki ancestral site preformed by Chief/Elder Paul “Gwilawato” Bunnell & War Chief David Nepveu, and special guest, Grandmother & Elder Nana Wilma, Mayan Spiritual Guide from Guatamala, and special guest of our Community Village, Grandmother Una, and Friends including teachers from the area. We were so happy that time was made to honor our ancestors who lived and traveled here.

Special thanks to the works of Deep Presence: 13,000 years of Native American presence,” by Dr. Robert Goodby.


Video Link Dig Blessing by Nana Wilma video

Video Link: Keene Dig Blessing Video

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