March/April 2022, Issue 18

Kwai Tribal Members,

Welcome to the March/April issue of the Ko’asek Tribal Tidbits.  I created a new look that is easier to read with subjects. I am sending it out bi-monthly and will run the Tidbits for 3 to 5 more issues.  I appreciate all the wonderful articles, bios, and ideas you have submitted.  This is what makes the Tibits.

May you walk in the beauty of Creator’s light. A’ho. 

Chief’s Talk

Chief Paul sharing the many things he works on for our tribe.  There is a lot going on in our Tribe with many succeses.  I have been working on several projects that will move us forward.
1. A possible Greenhouse (fossil free) building on our land by Sunspirit Enterprises by a grant they will get.

2. We are completing our first tribal benefit for members who have passed over from COVID. And a new proposal to extend this program for all member passing’s with a small burial payment from what will be called; Ko’asek Bereavement Assistance Fund.

3. We have been approved by the town of Alstead NH to have our Pow Wow in June 11-12, 20224.

4. We will start moving forward in planning and resuming or February 2023 Snow Snake Games.

Tribal News!

Our tribe – While we are all spread out across the nation and overseas, let us please take a quiet moment to burn sage and send prayers to our tribal family members who are ill or have lost a family member.  May the smoke of the burning sage carry out comfort and prayers to you.  A’ho. 

Committee News – We have wonderful committees that you can join!   This is a wonderful way to not only get involved, but to also share your talents and ideas!  The following are the committtees that are open to join.  Please email Chief Paul with questions or your would love to be part of team.

1. New members to Tribal Council

2. New Board Members to The Koasek of Turtle Island Inc. non-profit

3. Join our Alstead NH Pow Wow Committee. for 11-12 June 2022

4. Join our new Snow Snake Games Committee for Feb. 2023 Games.

5. Join our Home School Committee to create new web-classes.

6. Join Claremont NH Land Projects Committee

7. Looking for experienced Grant Seekers for New Hampshire

8. Need Native artists to teach our members regalia, cultural, story telling, etc.

9. Need Abenaki Language teachers to teach our members.

10. Get on a list of volunteers who want to help in new areas.

Do you have an idea for a committee?  Contact Chief Paul via messenger or email.

Next Tribal Council Meeting – Mark your calendar and join us in the next Tribal Council meeting! All members are welcome.  Share your ideas and help shape our tribe’s future!  

 March 19th, 1pm EST – meeting day changed due to SpringEquinox Ceremony

April 17th.  1pm EST. The agenda has the zoom link or please email Chief Paul for it. 

Spring Equinox Ceremony-From Chief Paul  

Kwai All Members & Koasek Friends,

You are all welcome to our land for our Spring Equinox Ceremony on 20 March 2022 at 11 AM. Those the weather will be cool (40-50 degrees) we still are planning to observe this special day hoping for peace in the world and for a very productive planting season ahead.”

Chief Paul has sent an email to all Tribal members and friends.  Please contact him with any questions.

New Tribal Council members:  Congratulations to Candy Conner and Strong Oak, our newest Tribal Council members.  Welcome!

Classes and Facebook pages and Chat rooms available for Ko’asek Tribal Members:

New Facebook page –  We have a wonderful new Facebook page created by tribal member, Candy Conner.   It is a Private Group, anyone can join, and you can share your beautiful creations:  beading, art, quilts etc.  The group is called Native and Native Style beading or artwork selling group.   Come share your beautiful talents and sell if you wish. 

Ko’asek Singing and Drumming Group: Singing and drumming group run by Daniel Duhaime who teaches the traditional songs.  A wonderful way to learn our culture and language.  There is lots of learning, laughter and fun!

Please email Chief Paul and a Zoom link will be sent.  We meet every Sunday at 1pm EST except on the Sunday of the Tribal Council meeting.  We hope to see you!

Members of the Ko’asek (Co’wasuck) Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation Facebook Page: We have 50 members on our Private Facebook page.  There are many great topics posted from the histories of different tribes to videos and garden pictures. There is also our tribal dna project to help with genealogy. This is a secure way to share tribal news and have fun.  Please email Chief Paul for an invitation to join!  

Ko’asek – Cowasuck Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki page – This public page was created by Chief Paul and lists all kinds of articles and information.  Anyone is able to join.  Just click like to receive notifications. 

The Ko’asek Chatter House genealogy chat room: This is our genealogy chat room for tribal members to help each other with lines they are researching.  Many specialize in surnames and research.  This wonderful chatroom was created by Steven Wright.  

Please contact Steven to be added.

The Struggle Within-Acting indigenous vs being indigenous

 Written by GiGi Brakeville (Bemosa Spiwi – Walks with the Earth)

This can be a touchy subject with some.  Many of us who have taken a dna test and/or have done genealogy, discovered our indigenous roots.  A proud discovery, but often shocking.   Some struggle to accept this since we are raised in a society with Christian beliefs and its cultural values.  However, some are blessed to be raised in the Indigenous culture while living in our puritanical society. How is it possible to blend these two cultures and be at peace?

I was shocked with my first dna test.  I did not know.  My father knew. and,  Ii was through genealogy, my mother and I discovered it on her side.  I asked my mother if I learned anything Indigenous from my father.  I realized that I had been raised with many more indigenous values than I knew.  With that knowledge, I blended those values with the values I had from my European/Puritan side and I can integrate with the Christian society with no problems.

We can wear the traditional jewelry etc, refer to Creator, join groups, etc.  The question is: Are we doing it from our hearts with the acceptance and belief or are we going through the motions without a true belief and acceptance?  This is a difficult question to answer, but with time, that question will be answered within you.   

The Herbalist Corner by Mary H. Doonan

Traditional Herbalism

Black Cohosh – Officially known as Cimicifuga Racemosa, from the buttercup family is native to the woodlands throughout Eastern North America.

First Nation Peoples including the Eastern Abenaki, Mi’Kmaq, Nauset – Wampanoag, Creek Winnebago, and Dakota traditionally have used the root of the plant in teas to heal various ailments, including balancing hormonal moods, sore throats, headache, kidney problem, seasonal depression and arthritis.

Externally, the herb is often combined with others herbs like our sacred American Ginseng and blown over patients during smudge ceremonies and used in sweat baths/ lodges and gifted to other Tribes.

The importance of Black Cohosh as a medicinal has resulted in much wild collecting of this plant. This is illegal in several states, as well as being destructive and unnecessary, as the plant can be readily grown in cultivation. Black Cohosh is listed under the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act as Endangered.

I highly recommend it’s cultivation in its woodland territory and also naturalized in our sacred Tribal gardens around Turtle Island.

As always, consult your medical professionals to see if this Herb or any of our Traditional Herbs are compatible for your constitution.

Mary H Doonan, Certified Herbalist

Ko’asek Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation, Deer Clan

Member of Traditional Herbalist United Plant Savers

Abenaki History:  The Creation Story, Part III. Artwork by Michael Byers

and then Gici Niwaskw woke up, and everything he dreamed was now real….

Gici Niwaskw began to clean all the Creation Dust off of himself. As the dust fell on Turtle Island, a man began to create himself from the dust…..

Gici Niwaskw looked down and said ” I did not create you”. The man replied “I am Glooscapi, and I created myself from the Creation Dust”. Glooscapi wore moss (Azakwam), and belt (Kwetgwadol8mek) of birchbark (Wigwa)

The Abenaki story of Creation will be continued in the next issue!

Please email submissions by the 15th of each month for publishing.  Also articles need to be between 100 and 120 words with 1 to 2 pictures.  Quotes, pieces of history, bios, recipes and everything is welcome! 

Please email submissions to:  snoopy8u@yahoo.comOlwini,GiGiBemosa Spiwi – Walks with the Earth

Welcome to our website

Our next Meeting is Sunday March 20, 2022 at 1pm (Eastern Time).  Come share your thoughts and ideas!!

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